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Portable UV Nail Lamp with LED Display 36W Nail Dryer with 3 Timer Settings for
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Portable UV Nail Lamp with LED Display 36W Nail Dryer with 3 Timer Settings for

USD : $5 5Feature:【Efficient and Quick Drying】12pcs light beads in 36W double UV LED nail lamp shorten your curi


USD : $5.5


【Efficient and Quick Drying】12pcs light beads in 36W double UV/LED nail lamp shorten your curing time for efficient and quick nail polish drying and nail beauty.  

【Widely Applicable】Suitable for various types of nail beauty products, such as nail gel, top coat, base coat, builder gel, etc.; With removable tray, it can not only be used for fingernails, it also can be used for toenails.

【Safe and Scientific Nail Beauty】This UV/LED nail lamp generate emulational daylight non-ultraviolet white light, safe for eyes. Would never blacken hands.

【3 Timer Settings】Flexible drying options with 3 preset time control of 30s, 60s and 90s, just press the according button for adjustment.

【Smart Sensor & LED Display】Smart infrared sensor ensures auto on/off - Hands in, lamp on, hands out, lamp off. LED display screen allows more readable and convenient use.

【Portable & Compact】The 36W Mini nail lamp is compact, ergonomic, and lightweight. Through USB, it is compatible with power bank, adapter, PC adapter and more for school, office, home use, and travel. You can use it anywhere as you like!


How to Get a Better Effect?

1) Trim and do the cuticle treatment to your nails. Clean your nail surface and apply a base-coat to nail.

2) Then insert your hand into the lamp for certain seconds lighting(30s/ 60s/ 90s available according to your own needs). Do not light your nail for too long time or too short time.

3) Apply entire nails with a sheer coat of nail lacquer and insert your hand into the lamp for one-minute lighting. Then apply the second layer of nail lacquer.

4) Apply the first layer of top coat and light it for certain seconds. And then apply the second layer and light it for a minute.

5) Lastly, please clean the floating glue by makeup cotton with alcohol (IMPORTANT). DO NOT use improper cleaning solution that cannot clean the floating glue effectively, which will affect the lustrousness of nails.

6) Then you will get the beautiful nails.



Material: ABS

Power: 36W

Voltage: DC5V

Wavelength: 365+405nm

Light beads: 12

Light source: UV/LED

Time setting: 30s/ 60s/ 90s

Smart sensor time: 120s

Cable length: 98cm±2cm

Size: 18.8x17.7x7.7cm


Package Content:

1 x nail lamp

1 x USB cable

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